Our History

Our History

Caliber Metal Buildings was founded in 2006. We provide the Southwest with exceptional service and products in relation to any metal structure.  Since the beginning, Caliber Metal Buildings has built over millions square feet of structure. We specialize in self-storage, canopies, prefabricated buildings or tenant improvement work. As a result, Caliber Metal Buildings has developed extensive knowledge through our vast history.

Caliber Metal Buildings can offer a developer a complete package that includes: help with the design of the facility, supply of needed materials and erection of such materials.

Mike Oberst

Mike Oberst is the Senior Project Manager and is responsible for the daily operations of Caliber Metal Buildings. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Northern Arizona University.

Mike has been in the construction business for more than 20 years and has over 2 decades of experience in construction management. Mike was also a Sargeant in the US Marine Corps and Served 4 years as a Reconnaissance Team Leader.

Some Suppliers We Use: